Wise 8WD139 Series Molded Fishing Boat Seat with Camoflage Cushion Pads, Green Shell, Advantage All Purpose Green Cushion

Wise 8WD139CLS Series Camoflage Folding Plastic Seat with Foam Cushion Pads features Injection Molded Contoured Seat Frame, 500 Denier Camo Fabric, High Compression Foam Padding. Mounts to any BIA Standard 4 Bolt Pedestal System. Seat Dimensions – 15.25″ Height, 20.25″ Width, 20″ Depth, 15.5″ Seat Depth. 6 Year Warranty on Frame, 3 Year Warranty on Upholstery.
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Gino Valentino Men’s Two Button Jacket Flat Front Pants Ticket Pocket Black Suit (40 Regular US / 50 Regular EU)

Gino Valentino Black Label Men’s Two Button Wool and Silk Suit. JACKET: 2 button single breasted jacket, canvas chest, dual side vents, peak lapel, full lining in burgundy, handpicked stitching and a ticket pocket, 4 exterior pockets – 3 with flaps. The suit comes with 4 button vented sleeves featuring working buttonholes that still allow the jacket sleeves to be shortened or lengthened for up to 2 inches. PANTS: Flat front dress pants lined to just below the knee. Pant leg length unhemmed. These pants come with a standard 6″ drop in the waist (e.g. a US 40R jacket will come with 34″ waist pants). The waist can be altered in or out up to 2 inches. This suit is factory packed with a hanger and all tags are in place. Composition – 91% Wool 9% Silk. Made in Italy. Dry clean only. Please note: These suits feature handpicked stitching, a ticket pocket, peak lapels, and working buttonholes.
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A New Facebook For Business? How Business Can Learn From Facebook by Using Secure Business Networks

Building stronger relationships with customers, improving communication and consensus among employees, increasing organizational efficiency – what does Facebook have to do with any of this? It’s pretty clear that sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have given rise to a new standard of networking and communication, and now businesses are just beginning to apply the Facebook social networking model by using Secure Business Networking sites.The typical Secure Business Networking (or SBN) site resides on an externally-hosted platform that allows a business, non-profit, or other organization to create a secure, private forum for communication, discussion, and data transfer among its employees and clients. The main difference between an SBN site and a social networking site like Facebook is that all information associated with an SBN is protected within an encrypted database that only authorized users with unique passwords can access. A password can optionally be added to an uploaded file, for example, to ensure it is accessed only by the intended recipients. Secure Business Networking sites provide the type of security necessary to protect confidential, trade secret, or other sensitive business information, and can help businesses comply with federal regulations that require protection of client health and financial information.SBN sites not only provide encrypted file storage and transfer, but create a secure, collaborative forum for communication, problem-solving, and idea-exchange among employees, and between employees and clients/customers. Do you need to solve an urgent problem with one of your product lines? Start a discussion topic within your SBN site, invite key personnel, and troubleshoot in virtually real time. It can also easily complement more traditional forms of communication, automatically sending out emails to notify users when new files, messages, or discussion topics are posted.For SBN sites that are externally-hosted, businesses can be up and running very quickly with their own custom site – there’s no need to download an application, purchase additional hardware, or hire any IT support. It’s very similar to creating a Facebook account – in just a matter of minutes you’re ready to go.Secure Business Networking sites are now a real option for businesses that’s secure, cost-effective, and provide a level of communication that millions of Facebook users have come to appreciate. Given the tremendous growth and popularity of social networking sites, it’s not too surprising that businesses have started taking advantage of this very flexible, multidimensional approach to communication and networking.

1997 Suzuki VS 800 GL Intruder – S50 Left Subframe

1997 Suzuki VS 800 GL Intruder – S50 Left Subframe

On motorcycles with a 2-piece Subframe (left and right halves), this is the left half (as you are sitting on the bike). The Left Subframe and Right Subframe are bolted together, mounted to the main frame, and support the seats and rear bodywork. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Left Subframe will be straight and undamaged. Cosmetic imperfections and paint chips are considered normal wear.

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BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle, 28-ounce, Clear/Black

The updated BlenderBottle Classic adds a new, convenient carrying loop and flip cap design to the world’s best-selling shaker cup. The BlenderBall wire whisk moves freely inside the bottle as you shake, mixing even the thickest ingredients with ease. The BlenderBottle Classic features a secure screw-on lid, a wide mouth for easy mixing, and embossed markings that measure both ounces and milliliters. The BlenderBottle Classic is dishwasher safe, BPA- and phthalate-free, and comes in three different sizes. Perfect for protein shakes, smoothies, pancake batter, scrambled eggs, fiber drinks, dressings and meal replacements.
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Philips 420232 7.5-Watt (40-Watt) A19 LED 3000K Light Bulb, Bright White

Philips Energy Saving LED 7.5-Watt A19 household bulb is ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. When lit, this bulb produces a comfortable and relaxing soft white light similar to an incandescent. This medium base A19 replaces your current 40-Watt incandescent A19, saving you up to $71.50 in energy costs. Philips Energy Saving LED A19 household bulb can be used in table and floor lamps, pendant fixtures and ceiling fixtures. Personalize your home with stylish accent or ambient lighting. Philips advanced LED bulbs can enhance your home with bright, white light, while reducing your carbon footprint and your electric bill. The elegant design provides increased life when compared to less-efficient incandescent. Philips LED lighting can improve ambience, energy-efficiency and comfort in your home while delivering performance you can count on. Switching to higher efficiency LED lighting can help reduce your electric bill, preserve our environment and create the perfect lighting for your home. With bulb shapes available in PARs, R, MR16 spots and floods, A-shapes, candles and specialty bulbs, Philips’ family of LED light bulbs offer a wide range of solutions for household applications. A simple switch can make a difference in the home and environment.
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